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Egg Trays                                                                                                                        

DAYAL POULTRY APPLIANCES introduced plastic basket for the first time in India for better & durable hatching. Hatching basket should always be in one piece to avoid germs free hatching This is an innovative development by Dayal Poultry Appliances.


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Egg Tray with Lid Piled up Egg Trays Egg Tray without Lid

Egg Tray (90 Eggs Capacity) Egg Tray (101 and 102 Eggs Capacity) Egg Tray (68 Eggs Capacity)


Salient Features

Chick Friendly, Comfortable Flooring Means Healthy Chick
Optimum Chick Quality
Better Air Flow Produces Higher Quality Chicks
Lighter Than Metal Baskets, No Rewelding
Superior Durability, Self Stacking
Reduces Labor, Easier To Clean Than Metal Basket
Reduces Electricity Consumption
Capacity To Hold 180 to 202 eggs
No rust, No Bent Corners , No Injured Toes, No Floor Birds
Plastic Basket Is Natural Way To Improve Poultry Health
For The Benefit Of Chicks Producers, Consumers



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