Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the requirement of a Hatchery room?

  2. How are eggs picked and sorted?

  3. Explain Setting of Eggs.

  4. Should I wash dirty hatching eggs before I incubate them?

  5. How long can I store fertile hatching eggs before they must be incubated?

  6. Explain Incubation And Hatching Of Chicken Eggs In The Incubating Compartment.

  7. How do I properly fumigate to sanitize my hatching eggs and incubator?

  8. What are the best methods to follow for sanitizing eggs and incubators to reduce bacterial infections?

  9. How long does it take to hatch various species of birds?

  10. At what temperature must eggs be held during incubation?

  11. When incubating eggs, what environment conditions must I carefully control?

  12. Why do my chicks die in the egg after they pip or break the shell?

  13. How soon after hatching should I remove chicks from the incubator?

  14. I had a poor hatch of eggs, what did I do wrong?

  15. How does a chick embryo develop?

  16. Can I determine whether an egg has a living embryo in it earlier than the hatch date?

  17. What are the parts of a hatching egg and how are they formed?

  18. Sanitation: Cleaning And Disinfectants

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